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July 26, 2011

DesMume with Wi-Fi

This is the new version of the Nintendo DS Emulator for PC which has a wi-fi feature..However, even it already has a wi-fi feature,,it still not 100% perfect, so if you want to connect to the Nintendo WFC, it would be better if you use LAN cable connection...
OK,,now i will give you a tutorial how to instrall and using this emulator...but, before you download it, make sure you used windows 7 OS...

1. Ok,,first, you should download it from this here
2. Extract the folder to your driver
3. Open it, and you will find 2 items, which included: 1 folder emulator and 1 winpcap software
4. Install winpcap
5. Open desmume and go to config > wifi settings
6. Change to infrastructure and use your network card that your computer uses for internet, you MUST disable all your fake ip and leave one main router only
7. Go to config > emulation settings
8. Check the box "Use external BIOS images"
9. Put biosnds9.bin that in the file I give you in "ARM9 BIOS image"
10. Put biosnds7.bin that in the file I give you in "ARM7 BIOS image"
11. Check the two box below in the BIOS settings
12. Check the box "Use external firmware images"
13. Put the firmware.bin in "Firmware image"
14. Check the box "Boot from firmware (like the NDS)"
15. Go to "Nintendo wi-fi connection settings" or Nintendo WFC setup" with any game with wifi support (for example: Pokemon Black/White)
16. Test wi-fi to make sure u see SoftAP on Connection 1 by using "Search for an Access Point"
17. You must do 12. and 13. each time you restart the emulator

Alright,,,that's all for the tutorial, now you can play your NDS game in your PC, include a new games like Pokemon Black or Pokemon White, of course with a Wi-Fi feature, even it can't connect perfectly...
Using a LAN connection is recommended..!!

Now,,here is a screenshot of the DesMume:

Alright,,i think that's all for now,,,i hope it would be usefull for you, and i want to say sorry if there was a mistake in my post, coz i'm still a newbie...hehehehe... :-)

OK then,,see u later guys...
Viva Gamers... :-)


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